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The world’s most modern refractory plant

We have made the decision to develop a next generation of monolithic products. These will be produced in the world’s most modern refractory plant in Bjuv.

Having manufactured refractory products for more than 200 years, we hold a technology-leading position on the market. In recent years, we have intensified and strengthened our research and development. We have for example recruited international refractory expertise and built one of Europe’s most modern laboratories for refractories. Now we are taking the next step towards even better solutions, building a brand new, top-modern refractory plant in Bjuv.

This plant will be used to manufacture the new generation of monolithic products featuring even better properties than the current one. This is fully in line with our ambition to offer our customers a total solution, which in addition to a wide range of products also includes design, engineering, logistics, supervision and installation.

The new plant will be inaugurated on September 1. Follow the entire construction process online.